Telemedicine for Neurology: CareTuner

CareTuner™ is a Wholistic Telemedicine and Physician Productivity EMR-Integrated Technology.
CareTuner provides telemedicine and population health management for Neurology.

CareTuner collects patient data that are important for care continuum, integrates with the EMR, helps with prescribing complex prescriptions and provides decision support and state of the art monitoring of patients. For complex prescriptions, CareTuner streamlines the medication onboarding (“on-ramp” and “off-ramp”) practices and makes medicine switching simplified for the physician and the patient in the following ways:

• Increase physician efficiency by selecting an onboarding plan from a library of pre-defined templates

• Increase patient adherence and education by automatically providing detailed instructions that are readily available for the patient

The patient mobile app assists the patient in medication management and collects patient-reported data:

• No setup: the patient mobile app is automatically pre-set with the medication onboarding plan so no manual setup is necessary.

• Saves follow-up office visit time by collecting symptoms and adherence information from the patient and providing detailed analytics report to the physician.

• Tracked data include: seizures, headaches, pain, adverse events, use of medications and other information that are typically difficult to track.


CareTuner system is trusted by many clinical studies and trials, including:

• HEP and MONEAD (Epilepsy)

• MCAMS and MS-Carmel (Multiple Sclerosis)

• RELAXaHEAD (Migraine) The CareTuner apps are in several peer-reviewed publications and abstracts. For a list please refer to:

CareTuner™ is a Wholistic Telemedicine and Physician Productivity EMR-Integrated Technology
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